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Gold Daughters

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We offer a great selection of Alaskan gifts for you to take home.

Our most popular Alaska souvenirs are gold lockets that we custom make using the gold that you’ve discovered!

One minute your hands will be dirty sifting through mud, and the next you can have your treasures in a beautiful necklace. If necklaces aren’t your thing, we can also put the lockets on key-chains (great for children!)

Prices start at just $20!

Get Gold Daughters Swag

Be sure to get the official Gold Daughters swag!

We offer various tops with our logo and unique designs that you cannot get anywhere else in the state.


We have a beautiful selection of natural gold nuggets and gold nugget earrings.


Take home a pan and some paydirt and teach your friends how to pan for gold.

Alaska Made

We carry Alaska souvenirs made by Alaskan artists, including: Annie Corso, Wren and the Raven and Art Bug Studio.